Paytm Product Listing & Cataloging

Paytm Listing & Cataloging

Paytm also generates money by holding promotions for seller. It offers various properties (location and spot on app and website) which may be utilized by sellers for promoting their brand and product. Paytm was the first company who took the setup of being a mobile only marketplace in INDIA. Paytm is everywhere and has everything. From bikes and cars to connect tickets bus, trains, flight, hotel, rooms, amusement park, tickets, everything is sold over Paytm.

Paytm is a sales chhanle for business willing to sell their product online Paytm believe in market place model. Paytm is the provider of online Market place service, where vendors.

E commerce these days is ooded with cashback and discounts. But Paytm is the next thing when it comes to choosing from selling Platform.

paytm listing and cataloging